Wisesight open house “OUT OF OFFICE” to update Signs of the Future 2023.

Wisesight cooperated with Magic Box Digital and Tencent Thailand organized “OUT OF OFFICE” meet up 2 at BASE33, a space for new generation of office at Wisesight. Over 150 people from brands and marketer joined. 

Mr. Kawin Kaentrakool, the Chief Commercial Officer from Magic Box Digital joined to share interesting information on “Gaming is the Gamechanger in 2023 Marketing.” That clearly reflects the gaming market as a market that’s constantly growing, and an opportunity for many brands. Due to having technology at hand, everyone can access games and games is a type that answers the need of every group, time and story. Mr. Kawin said, as of year 2022, Thailand has gamers over 32 million people, which is 47% of the total population. The overall game market is over 39,000 million baht and a trend to rise 10% in the future. For brands to enter into games (Gaming Marketing), they have to create a moment, create an experience (User Experience) and stimulate the interaction between consumers and the brand. Therefore, if brands see the opportunity from these ‘gamer’ targets, they must remember the nature in creating experiences through games, type, and a way to communicate in multiple platforms. For example; supporting E-Sport, collaborations with in-game items, including there’s must be First Party Data collection in order to better improve his own experience for the gaming market. In truth, the group of gamers in E-Sport, have activities that are as cohesive as other sports, in which, if we’ve joined them properly, it can create a good feeling between gamers and brands.


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